The eight crash sites were:

1. Hermstadheia
Ditched into the sea at Stadsbygd. 6H: L3047 Midshipman Derek T Revington Martin (POW) and Leading Airman William J Tremeer (KIA).
. Frøsetskjeret Byneset Leutenant Cecil Howard Filmer and Midshipman Thomas Anthony McKee became POW's.
Vagnilgrenda in Soknedal 7Q: L2955 Acting Sub-Leutenant Richard Edward Bartlett, and Naval Airman L.G. Richards became POW's. They were shot down by Ltn.Köhler of I./ZG 76
5. Geita 7L: L2992 Sub Lieutenant John Anthony Harris died in hospital just after arrival. Naval Airman Stuart Rex Douglas Stevenson died at the hospital at Orkanger a year later 31.5 1941
6. Trondheimsfjord at Geita. Skua 7A. L2896. Captain Peter Evelyn Fanshawe and Commander John Casson were rescued by locals and spent the rest of the war as PoW's at Stalag Luft III.
Skua 6A: L2995 ditched at Stallvika in Stjørnfjorden. Acting Major Richard Thomas Partridge were rescued from sea,Lieutenant Robert Southey Bostock (KIA)
6F L3000 crashed at Schøningsdal in Fagerlia, Trondheim. Petty Officer Airman Howard Gresley Cunningham parachuted and became POW. Lt. George E D Finch-Noyes(KIA)

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Statsbygd Churchyard. 9.August 2003

Blackburn Skua Mk II Hermstadheia, Rissa Sør-Trøndelag

800 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 6G L3028 13.06 1940

Eight of the Fifteen Skuas from 800 and 803 Squadron,were shot down during their attack on Scharnhorst in Trondheim harbour.
Petty Offiser Wallace Crawford (26) and Midshipman Leonard Henry Gallagher (19) lost their lives here at Hermstadheia.
This aircraft took off from HMS "Ark Royal".
They were shot down by Uffz.Ludwig Fröba of II./JG 77 (Bf 109).
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