The engine cowling from Harris' Skua. The paint was very well preserved after all these years. Most of the parts we found were green and some yellow.

L2992 was claimed shot down at time 14.02, by Ofw.Herbert Schob (pilot) and Ogefr.Pape (WO/Gunner) Time must be wrong. The attack took place at night time. The striking force made landfall at the North of Halten Lighthouse at 01.23.

7L L2992
Fanshawe's Skua ble funnet her på 240 meters dyp 23.04 2007
©kjell sørensen. Geitastrand Sør Trøndelag 23.November 2003
© michael balss
Most parts were removed years ago. The compass from this aircraft is at the museum in Bodø today.
Skua 7L:L2992

Blackburn Skua Kjøra, Geitastrand Sør-Trøndelag

803.Squadron Fleet Air Arm " Ark Royal" 7L: L2992 13.06 1940

Eight of the Fifteen Skuas from 800 and 803 Squadron,were shot down during their attack on the German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in Trondheim harbour. Two of them were shot down by Messerschmitts here. Skua 7L:L2992 crashed into the hillside above the farm at Kjøra. The two pilots were brought to Orkdal hospital, but Sub Lieutenant John Anthony Harris died just after arrival. Naval Airman Stuart Rex Douglas Stevenson died at the hospital a year later 31.5 1941

Skua 7A L2896 ditched into the Orkdalsfjord at Kjøra. Lieutenant Peter Evelyn Fanshawe and Lt/Cdr. John Casson were rescued by
locals and spent the rest of the war as PoW at Stalag Luft III. They were shot down by Ofw.E. Sawallisch of II./JG 77.