The striking force made landfall at the North of Halten Lighthouse at 0123. Shortly after they were attacked by heavy flak and 3 Ju.88 Luftwaffe fighters from Vaernes Airport.

The Cockpit section of L2963 on display at the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø

Bodø 18.07 2004 Photos at the Museum
photo via Air Warfare Forum
L2963 blir inspisert av tysk personell i fjæresteinene ved Frøset.
©kjell sørensen 26.September 2004 Frøsetskjæret
Forced landing at sea outside Byneset in Trondheim. The Aircraft was salvaged by the Germans. Eight of the Fifteen Skuas from 800 and 803 Squadron,were shot down during their attack on the German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in Trondheim harbour. Leutenant Cecil Howard Filmer, and Midshipman Thomas Anthony McKee became POWs. L2963 was shot down by Oblt. Gordon Gollob of I./ZG 76
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Blackburn Skua Frøsetskjæret Byneset

803.Squadron Fleet Air Arm " Ark Royal" 7F:L2963 13.6 1940