Consolidated 28 Catalina IB Whalsay, Shetland

422.Squadron RAF (Tomahawk Squadron) "DG-A" serial FP103 8.September 1942

Took off from Grasnaya near Murmansk in Russia at 19:00hrs. Destination was Sullom Voe in the Shetlands, but due to bad weather they were diverted to Invergordon. The rough weather forced the Catalina into the sea off Point of Gruid at
Isle of Whalsay on the east coast of the Shetlands.
Skipper Nick Honey managed to run the a/c to the shore.
Apart from getting wet, they all survived.

Crew: Captain P/O Nick Honey.
Joe Corkindale
Ralph Sheperd
W/Operator/ Air Gunner.

422 Squadron RAF was manned by Canadians, hence the name
Tomahawk squadron.

A RAF Airsea Rescue boat later took the crew to Sullom Voe.

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