Messerscmitt Bf 110 Vuotso airstrip Finland

Zerstörerstaffel 13.(Z)/JG 5, or a liason aircraft. Crashed probably some time in 1944

Sorry, have very little info regarding this incident. Crashed and burned at the end of the airstrip during take off or landing. Fate of crew unknown.
Vuotso airfield was most likly never used as an operational airfield. It was made as emergengy landing airfield for Aero Oy and its route Helsinki-Petsamo. Only time when used, was in 1940 when a Norwegian Moth landed there and got sligtly damaged.
source: Hannu Valtonen
Vuotso 26.06 2008 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
26.06 © kjell sørensen