Bell P-39 Q-10 Airacobra Vognfjordfjellet, Finnmark

2./255.IAP VVS SF SNo 42-20566 code 66 JLt.Dimitrij Petrovitch Pitchuk (KIA) 25.11 1943

Twelve Airacobras and six Yak-9 of 2./20 IAP took off from Murmansk as escort for nine Pe-2 bombers. Their target was Høybuktmoen airfield. They were attacked by German Bf 109's and two Airacobras were shot down. Simultaneously Luostari (Finland) was attacked by sixteen Il-2 bombers, escorted by six Hurricanes, six P-40's and fourteen Yak-1. A total of fourteen Russian aircrafts were shot down by the fighters of JG 5.
The pilot of the other Airacobra which was shot down was Nikolaij Pavlovits Ahkmatov (KIA)
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The remains of JLt. Pitchuk was brought down from the mountain autumn 2000. He was buried at Litza Cemetery on 6.October 2007.
Source: Article by Yngve Grønvik, Sør-Varanger avis
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