kjell sørensen August 2002

The main parts of the aircraft were removed by the Germans during the summer.

Heinkel He 111 H-3 Rustlia, Vinstra Nord-Fron

9./KG 26 (Löwengeschwader) WNr.???? 1H+?? 27.04 1940

Crashed into a hillside at Rustlia near by Kvitberget. The aircraft was returning from a bomb run at Åndalsnes/Dombås . Findings of burned parts along the hillside, indicated that the aircraft was on fire before it crashed. The morning after, the crew was seen walking down the valley. One of them was lying on a stretcher. Pilot possibly Lt.Scheyle.
kjell sørensen 9.June 2007
On our second visit, we managed to find the place of impact.