Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 Risværsundet, Nord-Trøndelag

Stab./IV./JG 5 Yellow 3 WNr.14649 Uffz.Günther Seraphim (21) 24.03 1943

Uffz. Seraphim was flying northwards, along with two other Messerschmitts when his engine suddenly stopped. He performed a successful landing at sea north of island Gjerdinga in Vikna. He was rescued by Olette Bliksø and her son Birger which witnessed the ditching from island Blikøya. They dragged the pilot into their boat while the two other Messerschmitts were circling above their heads. Then rowed to Risøyværet and contacted German forces based at Rørvik.

22.05 2010 © kjell sørensen
The aircraft sank to the bottom of the sea at a depth of 57 meters. In summer 2009 it was located by divers from Folla Dykkerklubb. In May 2010 it was finally raised from the bottom of the sea and brought ashore. The ac will go to the Air Force Museum in Bodø
AK-39 compass
10th. April 1945 he was shot down and killed in the vicinity of Schweringen.
Rørvik 22.05 2010 © kjell sørensen