Junkers Ju 52 Väylä Finland

2./TGr.20 7U+GK WNr.6844 23.10 1944

Ofw. Franz Blume. Fw.Georg Zeissler. Fw.Helmut Born (all wounded).

They took off from Nautsi at 08.05, destination Kaamanen airstrip. Above lake Inari they ran out of luck when they were spotted by four Airacobras of 2.Gv. IAP. All three Junkers were immediately shot down and crashed not far from each other.

Ju 52 7U+GM crashed at Luppovaara. Ju 52 7U+HK crashed at Toulbujärvi.

27.06 2008 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
27.06 2008 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
Short walk, easy terrain!
Captain Didenko of 2.Gv.IAP was credited two of the Ju's
© hannu valtonen