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31.July 2004 Beisfjord
The Heinkel bomber 1H+FH at Værnes. Photo via Hans Olav Løkken

Heinkel He 111H Narvik in Nordland

2./I./KG 26 (Löwengeschwader) 1H+FK WNr.3158 29.5 1940

The Heinkel bomber was attacked and shot down by two Hurricanes of 46 Sqdn. RAF (Drummond and Jameson). One died in the crash, the three others walked towards Sweden. Two days later they were interned at Sjangeli, Sweden.They were returned to Germany 12.7 1940. The crew belonged to 1./KG 26. Oblt.Egon Schmidt. Fw.Harald Lipp. Uffz.Walter Neusüss. Uffz.Herbert Ranscht (KIA)

Uffz.Ranscht was shot dead in the attack by the Hurricanes. After their crash landing the remaining crew set the aircraft in fire.
The bombs were dropped further down in the valley.
Tail section . The WNr.3158 was painted on the tail fin.
Uffz.Walter Neusüss.

On October 1939 Walter Neusüss joined the newly formed KG 26 (Löwengeschwader) in Lübeck-Blankensee.

His Squadron also took part in an reconnaissance/ bombing mission to Firth of Forth and Scapa Flow, where the "Iron Duke" was sunk on October 1939. His next episode was the crash landing in the Narvik mountains. After returning from internment in Sweden, he was transferred to Kampfgeschwader 4 "General Wever" based in Holland. He was later based on Rhodes, flying bombing and mining missions to Egypt and Suez, shipping was also attacked on the Red Sea.

In 1941 he had the rank Oberfeldwebel. In April 1942 he was transferred to Langenlebarn near Tulln/Danube, where he served as "Peilfunkleiter" in coordination with the "Rettungsdienst" which picked up ditched air crews. In March 1945 the base personnel ended up in Salzburg where they went into American captivity.

Pictures and info of Walter Neusüss via Birgitt Baxmann.

"Am Peilfunkgerät"
Uffz. Neusüss did altogether
283 Feindflüge and received the "Frontflugspange in Gold"
Walter Neusüss passed away on 25th August 2009 at 23:15 hours in Hamburg's Marienkrankenhaus after a difficult operation. His daughter, Birgitt died suddenly 16 days later on 10./11.September 2009 at her home in Hamburg-Wandsbek.