photos kjell sørensen 25 July 2004

Heinkel He 111 H-6 Balsfjord, Troms

Wetterkundungsstaffel Wekusta 6 WNr.4358 D7+RN 13.10 1943

Accidently crashed into mountain north of Svartnes on a transfer flight from Banak to Trondheim (Værnes). Ofw. Jörg Zehetmayr (KIA).
Uffz. Werner Frevert (WIA) Fw. Alois Waindl (KIA).
Ammo found at the crash site. Balsfjord in the background
Death card via Melvin Brown.
The Heinkel bomber crashed into the mountainside at 11.30.
A Dornier 26 (WNr.78) rescue plane landed soon after on the fjord. "B.V.Tschirinsky" also arrived with a doctor.
The "Bordfunker" Werner Frevert survived the crash and was brought to the hospital at Tromsø. The other two onboard were badly burned and died in the crash.
photos kjell sørensen 25 July 20042004©kjell sørensen