Brewster B-239 Meltaus, Tolonen Finland

HLeLv 26 (Lentolaivue 26. Fighter Sqdn.26) BW-357 18.10 1944

Pilot. Kaarlo Saukkonen in BW-357 and Lt. Aarre Miettinen in BW-379 were both shot down and killed by heavy German AA-fire this day. Bad weather had forced them to fly low, only 50 meters above ground. Saukkonens body was found 12 days later.

There is a memorial of the crew of Blenheim BL-156 and Brewster BW-357 and BW-379 at the church near by the crashsite of the Blenheim bomber in Meltaus.
Tolonen 7th.July 2022 kjell sørensen
Meltaus 8.July 2022 kjell sørensen
Left: This piece of metal was the only find at the crash site now.