Short Sunderland Maidalen Finnemarka, Sylling

210 Squadron RAF L2167 09.04 1940

The Sunderland flying boat was on a reconnaissance mission when it was attacked and shot down by two Bf 110's. Nine members of the crew were killed. F/Lt. Peter W.H. Kite. P.O. Arthur F. LeMaistre. Sgt. Pilot Jack C. Carpenter. Sgt. James A.L. Barter. LAC Frederic A. Morrison. LAC Douglas W.B. Upham. AC1 Graham H. Maile. AC1 Robert L. Millar. AC2 George Eveson.
A tenth crewman, Welshman Sgt. Ogwyn F. George, survived a fall of 3,000 ft. without a parachute.
Sylling. 20.09 2017 kjell sørensen
Oblt. Werner Hansen and Helmut Lent were credited the shoot down. Hansen was later shot down and killed by own flak in 1941. Lent died in 1944 after a rough crash landing.
Sylling church
Crash site and memorial