Petlyakov Pe-3bis Suonjirgaisa Finnmark

1./121 AP VVS SF SNo 40103 11.09 1942

Attacked and shot down by two Bf 109 F-4 of 5.JG 5, based at Nautsi in Finland. The Russian bombers were on a mission to bomb Banak airfield at Lakselv. Crew: Lt. S.A. Nazarkin and Sgt. S.D. Ulanov were both killed when their aircraft crashed.

The remains of the crew were removed September 1969.

The German Messerschmitts shot down three more bombers in this air battle. Fw. Froböse was credited oneof them before he crashed at Nitsijärvi in Finland. Another one was shot down at Gallotjohka in Finnmark.

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De 4 flyene som ble skutt ned var:
1. SNo 40101 Vadtjohka, Inare.
2. SNo 40102 på Galuttjåkka
3. SNo 40103 på Rastigaissa/Suonjirgaisa.
4. SNo 40106 i Kauhalahti (Partakko) Inari info: Rune Rautio.