The plane-parts were freighted down, even the engines were taken to pieces and taken away.

Today, only a few twisted parts remains near the pond that was created by the detonation.

Surely many parts were flying wide, and still lie in the bog.

None was hurt. As locals came up to the wreck, they got a demonstration of machine-gun-firing. Since the plane was left unguarded for some days, locals searched the plane and counted 30 small bombs (50 kgs.) There was also lots of two-coloured leaflets which advised the population of Narvik to stay calm and avoid crowds. 6-7 bombs didn't detonate when the plane was blown up by the Germans, and one of them is placed as a memorial at a farm nearby.

Heinkel He 111 H-4 Strætefjell Lånke Nord-Trøndelag

KG 26 (Löwengeschwader) Forced landing at Strætefjell 1.6 1940

Witnesses observed the take-off from Vaernes airfield, towards south. There was a strange sound, and smoke was coming from one engine. Apparently the plane tried to turn and get back to the airport, but didnt manage to climb over Strætefjell. There was a crew of five.

1998 © kjell sørensen
2008 © kjell sørensen
On 1. October 2008 ten years after our first visit, we explored the crash site again to see if we were able to find the aircraft's "werkenummer". Nothing found, but took some new pictures of the place.