Stormauken crash site

According to some lists, WNr.0696 crashed at Rundhaug.

As a matter of fact, we found the remains of a crashed Ju 88 at Rundhaug too. This aircraft however, crashed some time in late autumn 1943, according to locals

From left: Oberleutnant. Karl Graf von Hönsbröch. Oberfeldwebel. Hans Bäumler and Uffz.Georg Erbar.

pictures of crew via Arne H Hansen

Bardufoss 25.08 2005 © kjell sørensen
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Rundhaug is behind this hill in the background

Junkers Ju 88 A-5 Stormauken, Bardufoss Troms

Aufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)/AGr.124 G2+CH WNr.0880696 07.07 1941

Crashed at mountain Stormauken due to heavy fog on a transfer flight. All four on board were killed in crash.
Oberfeldwebel Hans Bäumler. Oberleutnant Karl Graf von Hönsbröch. Uffz.Kurt Sandvoss. Uffz.Georg Erbar.
Here, at Stormauken Morten found a piece with what we believe is the serial of the A/C
Death card via Christian Berring.