Junkers Ju 88 A-4 Storfjellvatnet, Balsfjord Troms

III./KG 30 4D+?D WNr.0881218 19.05 1942

Made a successful forced landing on the ice on lake Storfjellvatnet due to engine problems.
The airplane was only 15% damaged and was later salvaged.
No names of crew known.
Not able to find any wreckage at the site today.
source: Data sheet from Bodø Luftfartshistoriske forening.

Storfjellvatnet 17.07 2012 © kjell sørensen

Above: Wing panel with inscription. The panel was a gift from Luftwaffe to a Norwegian which helped them to salvage the aircraft.

Left: On the back side of the panel the werkenummer 0881218 is clearly visible. The numbers in red are parts number of the panel.

The plate was given to the Midt-Troms Museum a few years ago.
Many thanks to Kjetil Åkra of Midt-Troms Museum for sharing the panel pictures.

© kjetil åkra