Byneset 8.2 2004

Sgt.Erich Thomas Dods Machell died of his wounds. He rests at Stavne Cemetery, Trondheim.

Lascelles was lost without trace in a Warwick aircraft 13.11 1945. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

Lockheed Hudson I Steinshylla, Byneset Sør-Trøndelag

269.Squadron RAF UA-G N7361 11.6 1940

A force of twelve Hudsons lead by Wing Commander Pearce, took off from Sumburgh, Shetland at 1130. Their mission was to attack the German battle ships "Scharnhorst" "Gneisenau" and "Admiral Hipper" in Trondheim harbour. 269 Sqdn. lost two of their Hudsons in this air battle above Gaulosen fjord. UA-G made a forced landing on the fjord, 400m outside Steinshylla. All four on board managed to jump into the dinghy before the aircraft sank. Sgt. Erich T D Machell was badly wounded and died at the Red Cross Hospital in Trondheim the next day. The others: Pilot Sgt.Ernest Bruce Lascelles, Sgt A M S Brodie and Sgt J G Hepburn, became POW.

Hudson UA-P of same squadron was shot down at Buvik.

De engelske flyene , slapp 36 stk. 250 kilos bomber fra stor høyde over havna i Trondheim. Der lå slagkrysserne Scharnhorst og Gneisenau, samt krysseren Hipper, 3 jagere og et par forsyningsskip. To av skipene ble truffet, men skadene var små.
Over byen ble de møtt av kraftig flak, samt 4 Bf.109E fra 11./JG.77 og en Bf.110 (M8+NH) fra 3./ZG.76. Disse tok av fra Værnes.
Byneset May 2010
Hptm.Hans-Karl Hamp of 3./ZG.76 claimed the shot down of UA-G. He was flying a Bf 110 with code M8+HH(or M8+NH)