Fairey Barracuda Mk II Stave, Andøya Nordland

831 Squadron Fleet Air Arm "HMS Victorious" LS547/5G 03.04 1944

Took off from carrier Victorious along with 52nd Naval TBR Wing on the second strike against Tirpitz on "Operation Tungsten".
They did a special recce mission and had to make a forced landing at Stave on the west coast of Andøya.
Sub/Lt. V H Hutchinson, Sub/Lt. V Smyth and Sub/Lt. TMcK Henderson became PoW's.

Barracuda LS551/4M of 829 Sqdn was also lost. TAG E Carrol bailed out and became PoW.
Sub/Lt. Hubert Horace Richardson and Sub/Lt. Andrew George Cannon both KIA.
They are buried at Tromsø Cemetery.
source: fleetairarmarchive.net and Graham Boak. "Tirpitz Hitlers siste slagskip" by John Asmussen & Kjetil Åkra.

In addition, one Hellcat made a forced landing into the sea.
The attack resulted in heavy damages on Tirpitz
with 122 sailors killed and 316 wounded.

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