A total of three Stirlings crashed this date on op Doomsday.

Stirling LJ899 of 190 Sqdn made a forced landing on the lake Store Røgden on the border to Sweden. Of the 18 paratroopers onboard, four drowned.

Stirling LK147 ZO-Z of 196 Sqdn crashed near by Gardermoen, killing all 20 onboard.

Passengers: Cpl.Sidney George Rayner. Pte.Frederick Sainty. Pte.Edward Waby. Pte.Herbert William Woodward. Pte.David William Cooper. Pte.Walter Robert Lovett. Pte.Walter William Elliott. Pte.Kenneth John Watts. Pte.George Walton. Pte.Michael Mullen Wade. Pte.Francis Gerard Trainor. Pte.John Shannon. Pte.Clarence Sutherland. Pte.William Rodger. Pte.Edmund Charles Monk. Pte.Frank George McGlynn. Crew and passengers rest at Vestre Gravlund in Oslo.

During op "Doomsday" 663 planes landed at Gardermoen and 405 at Sola, bringing 7139 soldiers. (source Flyalarm)

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Short Stirling Mk IV Andtjernåsen, Sørkedalen Oslo

190 Squadron RAF LK297 code G5-G 10.05 1945

"OPERATION DOOMSDAY" airborne transport of army units to Norway to disarm the German garrison. LK297 took off from Great Dunmow, heading for Gardermoen. The weather conditions in Oslo area was bad with heavy rain and fog. The Stirling hit Andtjernåsen, plowed down the hillside and exploded, killing all 24 onboard. Among them Air Vice-Marshal Sir J.R Scarlett-Streatfield and Norwegian liaison officer Major Petter Cato Juliebø. Crew: S/Ldr.Douglas Raymond Robertson. F/Lt.Norman Leslie Roseblade. F/Lt.Lemuel Ernest Prowse. F/Sgt.Arthur Gwynne Davies. F/Sgt.Ronald Alderson. W/O.George Edward Thompson.