Blackburn Skua Sørfjorden, Fosen Sør-Trøndelag

803 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 8G 25.04 1940

This Skua, operating from HMS "Glorious" was hit by German flak in an dawn raid on enemy shipping and seaplane base at Trondheim. They made a rough landing into Sørfjorden, a side arm of Stjørnfjorden. The pilot Lt.Alexander Beaufort Fraser-Harris and L/A George S Russel were rescued by the locals. They were given civilian clothes, and soon set off in direction to the British Expeditionary Force in Namsos. After a long trek through German controlled area they reached Namsos, and were shipped safely home on HMS "Calcutta".

Sørfjorden, Sør Trøndelag 30.April 2004 © kjell sørensen
The aircraft was later raised, brought ashore and dismantled. Parts from this Skua is used in reconstruction of the Skua at Yeovilton.
Fosen krigshistoriske samlinger. Austrått fort
22.06 2002