Ringebu 28.September 2002

According to an eyewitness, the A/C exploded in the air. One of the wings were ripped off and the aircraft spiralled to the ground

The three Ju 52's were attacked by a single British aircraft. Three men bailed, or fell out of the Ju 52. Five men were found dead at the burning wreck at Skottåsen.

The second Ju 52 was said to have crashed at Gausdal. This can however not be confirmed.

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Junkers Ju 52/3m Skotten sæter, Ringebu

Transportstaffel 2./KGrzbV 107 30.05 1940

A Ju52 from KGr.z.b.V 107 is reported to have been shot down by a British fighter (possibly Albert Allen Townsend) early in the morning. It crashed near Skotten saeter. All eight men onboard lost their lives. Pilot Uffz.Gerhard Werkmeister. Johann Leikermoser.(Flg.Bordsch). Uffz.Hermann Becker (Bordfunker). Gefr.Herbert Voigt.(Bordmechaniker). Three of the passengers were airmen from 11.(N)/JG2. The A/C took off from Sola, Stavanger with personel and equipment. Destination Trondheim.