Fairy Albacore Skottelvvatna, Steinland Finnmark

828 Squadron Fleet Air Arm "HMS Victorious" 5C 30.07 1941

Operation "EF". This attack on shipping at Petsamo and Kirkenes was a disaster for FAA. German AA-fire and Messerschmitt fighters of 14./JG 77 shot down eleven Albacores and two Fulmars in the Kirkenes attack. This Albacore crashed at Skottelvvatna, Reinøysund. The crew: Sub Lt.Donald Richard Mckay 24 (KIA). Sub Lt.John Greves Paton 28 (KIA). LA.Dennis William Corner 19 (KIA).
Crash site of Albacore "5C"
The German torpedo battery at Reinøysund is also well worth a visit when you are in this area

All three of Albacore 5C are buried at Tromsø Cemetery.

At least two more Albacore crashed in this area. One ditched at Reinøysund. Albacore "4M" crashed at Steinland. Another one ditched into the fjord between Haganes and Tømmernes.

One Albacore and two Fulmars were shot down at Petsamo (Finland). Altogether 22 aircrew became POWs and 14 killed. The three man crew of one Albacore (N4250) managed to escape to Russian lines.


Luftwaffe lost only two planes. A Ju 87, code L1+EW of IV.(LG 1). A Bf 110, code LN+DR 13.(Z)JG 5, made a forced landing at sea. Pilot Lt.Karl Fritz Schlosstein and Gfr.Gutsche were both saved by the Artillerieflakschiff "Bremse"

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