Heinkel He 111 H-3 Austervollen, Skonseng Nordland

1./KG 100 6N+BH WNr.2530* 25.05 1940

The Heinkel bomber made a forced landing at 02.50, on a field at Skonseng due to engines damage after being hit by AA-fire during a night attack on shipping off Harstad. Pilot, Oberfw.Paul Grunau, Hptmn.Günther Bennecke.
Oberfw.Willi Hoinowski and Oberfw.Ludwig Meyerhofer were all unhurt. Paul Grunau later lost his life in France 1944.

The crew was picked up by a He 59 seaplane from Mo i Rana and flown back to Værnes the same afternoon.
The wreckage was later scrapped and buried near by the railway line.
A plate from the aircraft's tail section with the werkenummer was found some years ago.
sources: Larry Hickey/ Ulf Larsstuvold

The Heinkel crash landed here, just beside the railway line. They hit a telephone pole with the wing tip during landing.
picture from a local year calendar © reidar olsen
Skonseng 30.06 2010 © kjell sørensen
Frøydis Kjelen, Gunnar Sandhei and Olea Sætermo posing on the wing tip.
©hannu valtonen
© tor vidar skar
Two of the boys are Sigmund Dahlberg and Joar Strandjord.
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