The regiment was a part of the army's 257 mixed aircraft division (435 IAP 257 SAD). This Lavochkin Gorbunov Goudkov LaGG-3 was shot down in air battle with two Fw 190's of 13./JG 5 over Akhmalakhti area. Crashed at lake Lille Skardvatnet, near Kirkenes. The pilot JLt F.I. Marasev escaped unhurt. SNo 7043 of Series 70 was produced by Zavod 31 in Tbilisi,Georgia in October 1943. It was received by the army on 06.01.44 and arrived to the 7th Army's 260 SAD directly from the factory on 17.02.44 together with 39 other LaGG-3s. All these 40 LaGGs were handed over to 435 IAP. (Source: Rune Rautio)
Skardvatnet 10.08 2006 © kjell sørensen
Parts of the Klimov M 105 PF engine, still lying there.

Lavochkin LaGG-3 Lille Skardvatnet

435 IAP Fighter Aviation Regiment SNo.7043 "62" Pilot JLt F.I. Marasev 20.10 1944