The Heinkel was removed August 2008

Heinkel He 111 H-3 Sitasjaure, Muohkirisluokta Sweden

5./II./KG 26 WNr.6830 1H+DN 14.05 1940

On a mission to attack Allied ships in Narvik. The Heinkel made a successfull forced landing on the frozen lake Sitasjaure, close to the Norwegian border. The crew walked back to Norway, but were captured by allied forces at Skjomen. They were all shipped to Canada and spent the rest of the war as PoW's.

The crew: Flugzeugfürer Uffz.Siegfried Blume. Beobachter Fw.Karl Grube. Bordfunker Uffz.Helmut Bennighoff. Bordmechaniker Uffz.Werner Wamser.

kjell sørensen.1.August 2004
The aircraft was salvaged in 2008, and is now being restored in Sweden.