Sifjord Torsken 23.July y2004 ©kjell sørensen

Gloster Gladiator Sifjord, Senja Troms

263 Squadron RAF code N5697 P/O Walter Philip Richards (KIA) 21.05 1940

263 Squadron RAF code N5693 P/O Randolph Stuart Mills (WIA) 21.05 1940

Fairey Swordfish Sifjord, Senja Troms

818 Sqdn. code P4216 S/Lt J A Welply (WIA) S/Lt G P Simpson (WIA) H H Simpson (WIA)

The two Gladiators took off from HMS "Furious" guided by a Fairey Swordfish, to fly to Bardufoss. The planes got lost in the snow and fog.
All three planes crashed into the mountain Høystakktind between Sifjord and Osterfjord. The Swordfish crew survived the crash, and were rescued. The wounded P/O Mills was also rescued and shipped back to England. P/O Richards (24) died in this crash, he rests at Harstad Cemetery

Remains of the Fairey Swordfish P4216
Photo of P/O Richards grave via Harald Isachsen
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