Brewster Buffalo 239 Segozero lake, Karelia Russia

FAF BW-372 25.06 1942


In June 1944 Pekuri was shot down again and he remained POW for half a year. In the 50's Pekuri became famous as the first Finnish pilot to fly supersonic with a Folland Gnat.

Lauri Pekuri passed away in August 1999.

The Brewster was salvaged from the bottom of the lake in September 1998.

FAF had a total of 43 Brewsters at the start of the war against Russia. They managed to shoot down 477 Russian aircraft during the war.

The Brewster BW-372 is on loan to Tikkakoski from the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Florida USA.

Lt. Lauri Pekuri was flying patrol along with seven other Buffalos when they were attacked by Russian Hurricanes and MiG's.
Pekuri managed to shoot down two of the Hurricanes before he got hit and had to ditch his burning aircraft into the lake. Lt.Pekuri swam ashore and walked 20 km back to his unit.
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