Ilyushin IL-4 /DB-3 F Sarnes, Magerøya Finnmark

35.MTAP (Mine-Torpedo Aviation Regiment) VVS SF SNo 7520 19.07 1942

Three Ilyushin torpedo bombers were shot down during this attack. A fourth bomber was damaged, but managed to return.
Pilot SLt Aleksander A. Dolinov (POW). Navigator SLt. Vasilij F. Jagodkin (POW). Radio operator SGt. N.N. Marenukha (KIA).
Gunner JSgt N.I. Zhukov (KIA). Source: Rune Rautio.

The parachutist landed here.
Sarnes © kjell sørensen 20.08 2006
Inspecting one of the two M-88 radial engines lying by the road.

The Russians were on a bombing raid on a German convoy of 28 ships at Honningsvåg harbour. M/K "Aud" and M/K "Store Bill" were hit and sunk. Five Norwegian sailors on board "Store Bill" were killed, and 20 tons of potatoes were lost.

They were attacked by Bf 109's of II./ JG 5, based at Banak with four planes at that time. Kurt Hammel of 4./II./ JG 5 claimed two IL-4's here at Sarnes on this date.

Sarnes 20.08 2006 Druce, Moe & Sørensen on tour

photo via © Bjarne Isaksen
The wreckage of a photo recce Petlyakov Pe-3 that crashed in the mountains north of Sarnes 30.03-43
Remains of SNo 7520. Shot down by Lt.Kurt Hammel
© morten moe
One Russian airman managed to parachute and became POW. 16 Russian airmen lost their lives, while one airman managed to escape and was helped back all the way to Russia.