Bristol Blenheim IV Sandness Hill, Shetland Islands

235 Squadron RAF serial L9261 code LA-T 03.09 1941

Took off from Sumburgh at 22:00. Encountered instrument failure and lost their orientation during a patrol towards the Faroes.
They slowly spiralled down through the clouds and finally hit the hillside at Sandness at 03:05. Pilot F/L Howard Moule Hammond (New Zealand). Navigator P/O William James Mason. Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Sgt. George Richard Simpson.
source: "Shetland Crash Log" by David Hanson.

All three rest at Lerwick New Cemetery. Photo by Linzee Druce.
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The aircraft hit the ground and exploded somewhere here, but no trace was found of it by us.
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Sandness hill