2007 ©Håkon Bauna/ Bjørnar Andreassen

Curtiss P40 N Sandfjorddalen, Langryggen Finnmark

2./78 MIAP VVS SF Code: "28" Sub.Lt.Andrey Sergeyevich Kovalenko (KIA) 26.05 1944

A total of 14 Bf 109's took off from Svartnes at 22.00 to protect a German convoy which were continuously attacked by a force of about 68 Russian aircraft. Nine Russian planes were reported lost in Russian sources. 78.MIAP was based at Vaenga II Air Base near Murmansk. Kovalenko was shot down by Uffz.Rudolf Artner of 9./JG 5 and his plane crashed into the hillside of the river bank. An Airacobra was also shot down during the same attack and crashed near by at Langryggen.

Most of the wreckage was salvaged for
museum storage in 1998. Kovalenko's remains were said to be buried in the 70's.