This aircraft, along with the Ju 88 D-1 4N+EH at Nordkinn, was brought down to the Norwegian Airforce Museum in Bodø during 1999-2000.

The tail fin of 4D+HA is an exhibit at Gamvik Museum

The aircraft is now at Deutsches Teknikmuseum, Berlin. They are going to use parts from this aircraft to restore their Ju 88 from Plattensee in Hungary

PQ 13 with 21 merchant ships and 41 escorts, departed from Loch Ewe 10 March bound for Murmansk . Six ships were lost, two by Luftwaffe.

Junkers Ju 88 C-4 Sandfjorddalen, Mehamn Finnmark

KG 30 4D+HA WNr.0880797 28.03 1942

Made a forced landing at the Nordkyn plateau after an attack on convoy PQ 13. The aircraft skidded down a hillside and ended up in Sandfjorddalen. All three onboard were wounded. Pilot, Staffelkäpitän Cuno Gotthardt. Navigator, Oberleutnant Helmut Lütgens.
Radio operator, Stabsfeldwebel Willi Hillebrecht.

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