PL-E was last seen with starboard engine on fire.

PL-E hit the ground just a few hundred meters away from the crash site of a Junker 52 at Langevatnet.

Feda. Vest-Agder. July 2000 ©kjell sørensen/morten moe
Letter P, still visible
The tail wing section of PL-E
Photos: Morten Moe 1998
This was the last strike by the Dallachy Strike Wing in Norway during the war.
D/S Palmyra and two more ships were heavily damaged in this raid at Feda fjord. Three Beaufighters & crew were lost. One of them hit a power line, the other two were shot down by German fighters.
© erling skjold
D/S Palmyra
Beaufighter U/144
Photo kjell sørensen 2000
The attack in Breivika. Photographed from U/455. F/O Walliis and F/S Waldock

Bristol Beaufighter TFX Sagevatnet, Feda Vest-Agder

144.Squadron RAF Code PL-E NV182 26.04 1945

At 14.30 a force of 28 Beaufighters from Dallachy Strike Wing took off to attack shipping in Fedafjord. They were escorted by 12 Mustangs of 19 Sqdn, 2 "outriders"of 289 Sqdn and 2 Warwicks(rescue planes) of 279 Sqdn. One Beaufighter abortet the mission due to technical problems, the rest of the force approached the Norwegian coast at 16:11 They were soon attacked by the Luftwaffe and heavy flak.

Flying Officer John Roger Eyton-Morgan and Flight Sergeant James Thomson Knox were killed at this spot when PL-E crashed.
They are both buried at Feda Churchyard.

F/O William John Edwards (Australia) and Warrant Officer Keith Lambert Hamilton (Australia) in Beaufighter RD 429/ UB-N of 455 Sqdn RAAF were shot down by German Bf 109's and crashed into the sea at Berefjord, west of Hidra.

Beaufighter U/144 F/O Eric Chadwick and F/O Denis Arthur Forrester, crashed into the sea near by the ships they were attacking.
They are commemorated at Runnymede Memorial.


Tegning laget av William Berge som gikk bort i 2013. Den ble laget på grunnlag av nøyaktige oppmålinger på havaristedet i 1998. Berge var ekstremt nøyaktig og kunnskapsrik når det gjaldt “colours and markings". Som man ser, var to lag med merkinger synlig. Over vingene var det opprinnelig røde bokstaver med gul kant som senere ble overmalt og erstattet av de store svarte bokstavene.

Tegning via Terje Dønnestad