Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 Sagelvvatnet, Balsfjord Troms

10./III./JG 5 Uffz.Oskar Bittner Yellow 8+ WNr.166120 15.11 1944

A "schwarm" (three planes) took off from Altagaard on a transfer flight to Bardufoss. They ran into bad weather and lost their navigation.
The pilot had problems over lake Sagelvvatnet, circled two times around the lake before he decided to bail out. He landed straight in the lake where he was rescued by two Norwegians and handed over to the Germans. Uffz.Bittner was slightly wounded.
The Messerschmitt crashed in a hillside above the farm Mosbergvik on the eastern side of the lake. The two other planes were also lost.
Oblt. Hans-Günther Heep and Ogfr. Georg Ecke bailed out too, their Messerschmitt's hit the ground in Swedish Lapland.

2004 © kjell sørensen

Left: Me holding a piece of metal with no. 166116 engraved.

Our local guide led us straight to the crash site. With out his help we never would have found it.

26.07 2004 ©morten moe
The man in white t-shirt was working in the forest as a young boy, when the noisy aircraft smashed down in front of him. The engine was still running and there was no smoke or fire to be seen before it went down.
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