Shot down in air battle with a P-39 of 2./255. IAP VVS SF (JLt. Borisov). Pilot Ofw.Karl Adolf Becker and Bordfunker Uffz.Ottmar Werz.

The Messerschmitt was shot down at 07:18. Uffz.Ottmar Werz bailed out and was picked up from the sea by the German subchaser "Uj 1212". The pilot, Ofw Karl Adolf Becker successfully managed to make a belly landing on shore at Båtsfjordnæringen/ Rubbedalen, north of Båtsfjord.

Ofw Becker was brought onboard the subchaser "Uj 1206". The aircraft was blown up, either by the crew of "Uj 1206", or some time later by a unit from the nearby coastal battery. Source:Rune Rautio.

The remains of the a/c was salvaged in 1983 and brought to Flyhistorisk Museum Sola.

© kjell sørensen. Sola 2001
Remains of W.Nr.5096 photographed at Flyhistorisk Museum Sola, Stavanger.
The crash site at Båtsfjordnæringen in 2004. © T.T
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Messerschmitt Bf 110 F-2 Båtsfjordnæringen Varanger

13.(Zerstörerstaffel)/JG 5 LN+DR WNr.5096 23.06 1943