Three Messerschmitts took off on a mission to Østerdalen. On the way back to Trondheim, they got lost. One of the aircrafts crashed into the mountain at Kviknebrona. Probably due to lack of fuel, Weisse 1 had to make a forced landing on this field at Stormoen. Left wing was ripped off when the aircraft hit the corner of a house. The pilot could walk away from the plane unhurt.

Facsimile fra boka "Ung på Røros under krigen".

foto: Ola Lauglo via Morten Moe

The name of the pilot and fate of the third aircraft is still not known.

Huseier fikk kr.394,60 i erstatning for skadene som ble påført huset under nødlandingen.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1 Stormoen Røros

6./II. TrägerGruppe 186 Weisse 1 01.07 1940