Blackburn Skua Roansvika, Fosen Sør-Trøndelag

803.Squadron Fleet Air Arm. Carrier HMS "Glorious" L2903:8A 25.04 1940

After attacking German positions in Trondheim area, three Skuas of Green section ran into
bad weather and was forced to go north towards Namsos.
H.E.R. Torin and T.A. McKee ditched the plane at sea between Meholmen and the quay
in Roansvika.
The aircraft was towed to Meholmen(skerry) and covered in sea weed.
Torin and McKee were both unhurt. They were shortly after transported to Namsos
by Marius Mostervik and Jentoft Eidshaug in a boat named "Mostra".
Luckily Namsos was still under allied control and the airmen were soon returned to their unit.
The aircraft was later towed across the bay towards Viken and dismantled by the locals.
source: article by hjalmar nilssen
The aircraft was dismantled here by this shed at Viken.
Roansvika bay 26.05 2012 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
L2903 ditched here.
Roansvika bay, seen from Meholmen skerry.

L3048:8B Lt.Callingham and Naval Airman D.A.Prime landed at Spillumstranda (beach), Namsos

L2881:8C Lt.Easton and A.J.Hayman landed on a field at Osen.
All three crews returned safely to their own forces.