The Ju received two hits by Swedish flak and started to burn.

Left: Five days later, on 7th of June Swedish AA shot at a Ju-88C-1 (4D+MH) of Z/KG 30, on their side of the border. The A/C made a forced landing on the Norwegian side of the border at Bjørnefjell.

photo via Tore Eggan

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Junkers Ju 52/3m Riksgränsen, Kiruna Sweden

1./KgrzbV.106 DC+SP WNr.6751 02.06 1940

Took off from Vaernes in Trondheim.The A/C was chased by a Gloster Gladiator(Jacobsen) of 263 Sqdn. When crossing the border it was shot down by Swedish AA defence. The Junkers carried troops from 1/FJR1, it crashed at Bjørnefjell area on the Swedish side of the border. Six paratroopers and two crew died in crash. Crew: Uffz. HansTöchler (KIA). Gefr.Kramer. (KIA). Fw.Franz Reichard. Five of the eleven paratroopers and two of the crew parachuted and survived. Ofw. Haase (KIA), Uffz.Gustav Mank, Fw.Walter Himmerich, Ufw.Hermann Bansen, Hans Vorsteffel (KIA), Arno Wolf, Werner Fischer (KIA), Franz Langfeld (KIA), Konrad Hof (KIA), Walter Schnitzer (KIA), Bodo Westkamp (KIA) and Ogefr. Adolf Koch. They were interned for six weeks before they were handed over to the Germans.

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