P/O Brown
©Robert Steinhauer/George Coates, via Morten Moe
Linzee Druce studies a silk map found at the crash site. The map belongs to Svein Terje Sættem
©kjell sørensen
Smøla 5.June 2005 Linzee, Morten and Kjell on tour.
Remmingskjæret ©morten moe 2004
©Kurt Reichmut , via Morten Moe
Vorpostenboot "Sachse" from Hafenschutzflotille Molde. Commander Leutnant zur See Knockel and some crew on the bridge. They thought they had shot down a twin engined Bristol Blenheim

Halifax Mk II Remmingskjæret, Smøla Møre og Romsdal

35 Squadron RAF W1015 TL-P 30/31st March 1942

33 Halifax bombers took off this evening to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz, moored at Fættenfjord north of Trondheim. The attack failed and a total of six Halifaxes with 42 men were lost. Two bombers crashed at Shetland. W1043 and W1044 crashed at Fuglan, Hemnfjord and R9496 at Vikan, Stadsbygd.

W1015 was shot down by the German AA boat "Sachse", with the loss of all onboard. The A/C crashed on the tiny skerry Remmingskjæret. Pilot F/Sgt.George H. Steinhauer(22 from Saskatchewan, Canada). 2nd Pilot P/O Peter Gregory Brown(21 Manchester, England). Navigator F/Sgt.Lewis E. Goodrum(23 Essex, England). W/Op Air Gunner Sgt.Eric T. Meade(22 Middlesex, England). W/Op Air Gunner Sgt.Douglas J. Campbell(20 Middlesex, England). Tail Gunner Sgt.Maurice Cowan/Cohen(23 Middlesex, England). Flight Engineer Sgt.James Black Dunlop(22 Callander, Perthshire, Scotland).

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