Messerschmitt Bf 110 E-1 Tärendö, Haparanda Sweden

Jagdgeschwader 1.(Z)/I./JG 77 WNr.4114 LN+FR 01.09 1941

The Kette (four planes) got lost due to bad weather in northern Sweden after returning from a mission in Russia.
Two of the Messerschmitt's had to make forced landings in Sweden. Oblt. Felix Maria Brandis and Fw.Albert Harnack
were interned by the Swedes.
The two other Messerschmitts made forced landings in the vicinity of Pello in Finland.
©hannu valtonen

Right: Uffz.Rudolf Reitz and Uffz.Guntram Weigl in LN+KR WNr.4113 made a forced landing at Pajala, Sweden. Their aircraft over turned during the landing.
On 7th. September both crews were returned to the Germans.
Both aircraft's were also returned later on in September.

Bf 110 D-0 (WNr. 3142) and
Bf 110 D-3 (WNr. 3675) landed in the vicinity of Pello (Finnish side),
both got 20 % damage.
source:hannu valtonen

Oblt. Hans Hermann Schmidt (left) and Oblt. Felix Maria Brandis in Rovaniemi at the end of year 1941 with three “Dachshünde”.
Photo H.H. Schmidt via Hannu Valtonen.