Bristol Blenheim IV Øygarden Hordaland

114 Squadron RAF RT-H Z7500 27.12 1941

Took off from Lossiemouth at 0930. Collided with Blenheim RT-Z after a bombing raid on Herdla airfield during Operation "Archery". Both aircraft fell into a small lake in Øygarden. Sgt.Kenneth Aubrey Davis. Sgt.John James Burchall Ward. Sgt.John Edward Kitley. All are buried in Bergen (Møllendal) Church Cemetery, Norway.

V6227 RT-Z. F/S Robert Wilson Fisher RAAF. Sgt.James Williamson. Sgt.William Frederick George Fletcher. All are buried in Bergen. Three Bf.109's of I./JG77 were damaged on the ground at Herdla airfield by this attack.
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