Blackburn Skua Osen, Fosen Sør-Trøndelag

803.Squadron Fleet Air Arm carrier HMS "Glorious" L2881:8C 25.04 1940

After attacking German positions in Trondheim area they ran low on fuel. Sub.Lt. I. Easton performed a wheels down landing on a field at Osen. Sub.Lt.Easton and his tail gunner, A.J.Hayman tried to set the Skua on fire, but failed. Then, with the help of locals they buried the aircraft in sand and dirt. The crew was transported to Bessaker by Norwegian helpers. As soon as they were gone, the Norwegians dug up the plane and started to dismantle it.
The Skua stopped here
Oxygen bottle from L2881.
Modified into civilian use after the war.
Osen 26.05 2012 ©kjell sørensen/ morten moe
Oxygen bottle owned by Jarle Osen
Two more Skuas had to make forced landings on the same mission.
L2903:8A landed at sea in Roansvika.

8G ditched in Sørfjord, Fosen