Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14/AS Oklungen, Porsgrunn

III./16.Staffel JG 5 WNr.785185 Blaue 17 Lt. Heinz Schüler 11.04 1945

35 Mosquito's took off from Banff, escorted by 12 Mustangs of 65 Sqdn. from Peterhead. Their mission were to attack shipping in Porsgrunn and Larvik area. They were attacked by 15 Bf 109's from Rygge. Lt. Schüler's plane was hit by a Mustang, piloted by Flight Lt. Reginald L. Sims. Schüler bailed out and survived. His plane crashed into a hillside at Oklungen.

Staffelkapitän Lt. Adolf Gillet (24) was also shot down by Warrant Officer James Dennis Howells and killed. His Messerschmitt crashed into Skottebrygga in Larvik harbour. Gillet was picked up from the sea, but died.

A P-51 Mustang Mk.IV call sign YT-F of 65 Sqdn. RAF was shot down by Uffz. Otto Ach. Lt.Frederick Hiley Bradford lost his life. His Mustang crashed into the Frier fjord at Flakvarp.

Mosquito OY-N serial: RS-505 of 235 Sqdn. was hit by German flak and made a forced landing on the ice of lake Langen. The Australian pilot Phil Davenport and his navigator Ron Day became PoW's.

A Norwegian "outrider" Mosquito of 333.Sqdn RNAF was also shot down and crashed at Naksjø in Drangedal.

Oklungen October 2021
Remains of Blaue 17