This aircraft, along with the Ju 88 C-4 4D+HA at Sandfjorddalen, was brought down to the Norwegian Airforce Museum in Bodø during 1999-2000.

The aircraft is now being restored in Hereg, Hungary.

Junkers Ju 88 D-1 Nordkinn, Mehamn Finnmark

1.(F)/22 4N+EH WNr.0881203 17.02 1943

Took off from Høybugtmoen, Kirkenes with seven other Ju's. Their target was the Russian cargo ship "A. Marti", south-east of Bjørnøya. The Ju was hit by AA-fire from the ship, left engine was damaged and they made a belly landing here at Nordkinn. The crew was unhurt. Pilot Uffz.Gerhard Kunert. Observer/navigator Lt.Hans Krüger. Radio operator Uffz.Fritz Sundergeld. Air gunner Uffz.Georg Lechner. Captain Khirkasov arrived safely to Murmansk with his ship.

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