Junkers Ju 52 mg7e Neitama, Banak Finnmark

1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.22 8A+SX WNr.7258 08.10 1942

Crash landed on the top of a mountain plateau west of Banak airfield due to
engine failure. The aircraft got 50% damage. Later on the Ju was dismanteled
by the Germans and brought down from the mountain.

©franz selinger via hannu valtonen
The wrecked aircraft was visible from Lakselv as it were lying on the edge of the mountain plateau.
View from almost same spot. The wreckage is from a Heinkel 111 which crashed near by.
28.07.2007© kjell sørensen.
©franz selinger via hannu valtonen
20 mm MG FF cannon drum