Junkers Ju 52 Njallajärvi, Finland

4./Transportgruppe 20 WNr.5596 7U+OM 19.10 1944

Shot down by a Russian Pe-3 during a freight mission from Banak to Kirkenes. The crew destroyed the aircraft after their forced landing on the northern bank of lake Njallajävri. Stgfr. Max Peetz was severly wounded, the rest were unhurt.
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27.06 2008 Inari
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Exhibit at the Finnish Air Force Museum, Tikkakoski

The Ju 52 was attacked by Lieutenant Voronoi of 95. AP (Aviation Regiment) VVS SF (Northern Fleet ). Lt. Voronoi was returning from a reconnaissanse flight to Tromsø when he spotted the lone Ju 52 some 30 km south-west of Polmak.

source: Hannu Valtonen "The Airplane Wrecks of Lapland"

The left engine of the Ju 52 is on display in Inari.
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