Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7 Nesbyen, Buskerud

2./JGr.1 Losigkeit Black +16 Uffz.Hans-Gerd Wennekers 06.03 1942

The three Messerschmitts of Kommando Losigkeit took off from Lade airfield on a transfer flight back to Germany after participating in "Operation Donnerkeil". They ran out of fuel before reaching their
first stop at Fornebu. Wennekers and Dolenga both made successful
landings on a frozen river at Nesbyen.

©john fredrik hansen

All three Messerschmitts ran out of fuel and had to make forced landings. Both Wennekers and Hptm.Werner Dolenga in Black 1 landed on the frozen river Hallingdalselva.
Lt.Heinz Knoke in Black 3 landed on frozen lake Sperrilen in the vicinity of Hønefoss.

Left. Picture of Lade airfield where they started their flight.

One day earlier, Uffz.Wennekers was involved in shooting down
a PRU-Spitfire (AA-810) south of Trondheim.