Heinkel He 111 H-6 Lakselv, Finnmark

3./I./KG 26 Lufttorpedostaffel 1H+BH WNr.4817 26.05 1942

Damaged by a Sea Hurricane from CAM*-ship "Empire Lawrence", after an attack on convoy PQ 16. The aircraft crashed into mountain Neitama on their return to Banak airfield. Uffz.Helmut Walter (KIA). Uffz.Martin Barnutz (KIA). Uffz.Wilhelm Baumann (KIA). Uffz.Georg Hager (KIA). They are all buried at Botn-Rognan.

The attacks on PQ 16 started late on 25th. May and continued until 30th. May. The Luftwaffe managed to sink six merchant ships during the attacks. They lost ten aircrafts (eight Ju88's). On 28th. May, a He 115 See crashed shortly after take off from Billefjord.

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Debriefing at base camp. Neitama mountains in the background.

Convoy PQ 16 consisted of 36 merchant ships. Eight merchant ships were lost. Six of them by air attack ,one by submarine U-703 and one by a mine.

*CAM (catapult assisted merchantship)