Low on fuel, the aircraft crashed here at 0050. The crew bailed out and survived with minor bruises.

A second Ju 88 A-17 had to make a forced landing at Ellingsråsa, Utvorda. The crew were rescued.

This unit also lost a third aircraft on this attack when a Ju188 crashed further south at mountain Rostu in Sunndal. The crew from this aircraft bailed out and landed in the area of Hoddøy/Spillum. One of the crew drowned.

A forth Ju 188 was reported missing at sea, west of Trondheim. The crew was lost without trace.

Junkers Ju 188A-3 Høknesvatnet Namsos

III./KG 26 Wnr.190330 30.3 1945

Several Ju 88 and Ju 188's took off from Værnes at 18.00 to attack a convoy near Iceland. They failed to find the convoy and ran low on fuel on their way back to base. A total of four Junkers were lost on this mission.

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One of the torpedo tubes