Ingebrigt Myrbostad prøver metallsøkeren på havaristedet.

View from the church tower 1944. This picture was taken some time after the crash. Ingebrigt Myrbostad was among the first to enter the tree where the Luftwaffe pilot was hanging in his parachute. The pilot did not understand what they were saying to him. All he replied was: Was -Was -Was?
Photo via Ingebrigt Myrbostad

Uffz.Merkl lost his life in another crash at Geitebotnfjell six months later.


A while after the crash Mr. Myrbostad found the pilots headset and microphone in the forrest near by Myrbostad sæter. The headset was given to the bunker museum at Ergan/Bud. A Japanese tourist broke the glass monter and ran away with the headset last summer.(2005)

Myrbostad © kjell sørensen/morten moe 10.6 2006

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 Myrbostad, Elnesvågen

IV./JG 5 WNr.13987 Uffz. Robert Merkl(safe) 30.08 1943

Four Messerschmitts took off from Gossen, flying over Elnesvågen at an altitude of 700-800m. West of Myrbostad sæter a bang was heard, smoke came out from the aircraft and the engine stopped. The other Messerschmitts scattered.The pilot bailed out. The aircraft rolled over in a rigth turn, just missed the church tower and crashed outside the church yard. Uffz.Merkl landed in a tree at the church farm.

Uffz.Robert Merkl